Trading Explained

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How to get the Trade Tab

When you start playing Castle Empire Online (or Settlers Online) you do not have a Trade Tab next to your Chat Tabs. You can get this by building a Branch Office using one of the following two methods:

  1. When you reach Level 17, you can build a Trade Office (180 Hardwood Planks, 180 Marble).
  2. Purchase a Trade Office from the Gem Store for 450 Gems.

How to trade with the general market

  • Buy: Simply go to the Trade Office, press Update to see current offers, and select an offer and press "Accept offer" to buy. Resources will be received immediately.
  • Sell: Click "Place Offer" in the selling tab, and specify what you want to sell, and what you'd like in return. Once posted, it will advertise for 6 hours. Once you got one hit, the resources will be credited to you immediately.

How to trade with a specific person

You need to add the person as a friend first, once added, you must wait 24 hours before direct trading. But once you have waited: click their name in Chat or on your Friends list, and select Trade. Specify the amounts desired and send the trade request.