Building Licenses Explained

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How to get building licenses

You can get building licenses the following ways:

  1. When you clear a sector on your island from Bandit Camps (take out the leader camp) you receive +10 licenses. Total Available: 8x 10 licenses.
  2. You can purchase +10 licenses in the Gem Store for 650 Gems.
  3. When you reach Level 32, you received +10 licenses as level up reward.

Other Facts Regarding Building Licenses

  • There is a total limit of 335 building licenses available
  • Wheat Fields, Water Wells, and Marble and Stone Mines do not use licenses.
  • Buildings purchased from the Gem Store do not use licenses, so you can replace your Noble Residences with Noble Residence Deeds from the store to get back some licenses.
  • When Iron, Gold or Coal mines collapse, you get a license back, but lose it again when you replace them.